Pidoy &
Ting Pacis

Since 1999, Pidoy and Ting Pacis are the exclusive Canadian Distributors of Saladmaster and have built a legacy that spans over two decades. Their strategic vision, hard work, and leadership have awarded them with 68 World Champ Gold and Silver Awards, 10 years of Grand Master Dealer awards, 8 straight Elite Master Dealer awards, 3 Years Executive Elite Master Dealer awards, 14 months of World Champion status, and many other prestigious awards.

After 22 years of successfully growing their business, they have achieved the level of excellence that every entrepreneur aspires to reach. Since inception, they continue to push the boundaries year over year, and remain focused on their goals. They have enabled their teams and distributers to successfully win multiple awards, trips and prestigious titles as well.

Their success is attributed to: teamwork and surrounding them with good people, strategic planning, their desire to share the Saladmaster opportunity with other people, effective management, building relationships, and trust.

Our Legacy


6 months ago

Great company and service. Love the products look forward to their new products. Totally Recommend!

Cameron B.

a year ago

As a former consultant from Halifax, I wanted to see how other offices work. I was thoroughly impressed with ACTristar's teams tonight. It may prompt me to sell again with them. Thanks for the entertainment!

Todd S.

2 years ago

It's definitely NOT a waste of money. Perhaps those who think that are not interested in quality or healthy ways of cooking......I have had my set for almost over 15 years and will hand them down to my daughter when I leave this toxic planet....but not before I have them refurbished in Texas ....

Mara W.